Around Town in Clunes

Cover Image: Town of Clunes 1882

Clunes Sketch 1882

The cover image of is a wood engraving print published by David Syme and Co on 1st November, 1882.   

Take a closer look over at the State Library of Victoria


Two Mile Hill

By Douglas Gellatly

Two Mile Hill, to the south-east of Clunes, appears in some early sketches of Clunes from the Goldrush days.

In the days of this picture there are very few trees depicted on the hill.  However, to look at the same scene now from the Observation Point in Clunes, there are many more trees on the hill.  The majority of them are on our property, Quince Farm.

We acquired our 17 acre property in the early 1970s. At the time there was already lots of pine trees, and few fruit trees - particularly quinces.

Jon and I set about planting many more Australian native trees, a variety of more fruit trees - and
particularly more quinces. We just had to call the property Quince Farm.

This is the place where we grow most of the fresh produce for our own Quince Farm range of jams, jellies, sauces, chutneys and preserves. All of that produce is available for sale at our other business, Quince Farm Imports, 2 Service Street, Clunes.

It is also the place where I do almost all my novel writing.
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